Page 2 - Year in Review 2019-2020 - Mercy Foundation North
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 Board of Trustees FY21
Ross Domke Chair
Mike Davis Vice Chair
Joe D’Angina Treasurer
Marie Dotson, Psy.D., L.P. Secretary
Sr. Pat Manoli, RSM Sisters of the Americas West/Midwest Regional Community Representative
Todd Smith
Dignity Health North State Representative
President, Mercy Medical Center Redding
Letter from the President
It has been a year like no other. We hit the highs of winning the Foundation of the Year award to the lows of the coronavirus pandemic. We didn’t dwell too long in the shadow of the pandemic before calls started coming in from community members asking if we were accepting homemade masks or how they could donate to help buy more personal protective equipment for hospital staff. No, you can’t hang out in the shadows when there is this much love and support lighting your way.
And the light did shine this year. Mercy Foundation North remarkably raised $4.3 million in fiscal year 2020. We couldn’t have been this success- ful without donors like you who stepped up when the pandemic hit.
To help hospital workers, those of you who are seamstresses,
and some who are just learning, sewed masks from material scraps
and hair ties. Some of you who own restaurants donated meals to exhausted workers. We sent out an appeal letter for the food bank because of the increased demand for food, and many of you graciously gave, even from your stimulus checks. And many more donated to the COVID-19 relief fund so the hospitals could purchase additional protective equipment to keep our essential workers safe as the pandemic wore on. Even 10-year-old Jordan of Mt. Shasta gave a donation from his recycling route profits.
And that’s just the beginning. I invite you to turn the pages of this news- letter to read more stories about the impact our NICU campaign
is already making at Mercy Medical Center Redding or to get the latest update on the construction progress of the Emergency Department at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta. At St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, the new Oncology and Infusion Center is helping families have more time together, and the Food Bank at Connected Living has gone above and beyond to feed those who have been hit the hardest by the economic consequences of COVID-19.
When you read these stories, know that these are your stories. These are your neighbors. This is your bright community. This light?
This light comes from you!
Thank you,
Maggie Redmon President
Mercy Foundation North
Maggie Redmon
President, Mercy Foundation North
Board Members:
Marjorie Carneiro David Civalier, M.D John C. Clark, M.D. Penny Costa
Dave Dennis, O.D. Sandy Dole
Tracy Edwards Patrick Fowler, M.D. Rick Goyne, CPA
Rick Hill
Mark Koenig
Sr. Brenda O’Keeffe, RSM Rodger Page
Erik Poole
Sandy Pope
Jessie Shields-Cornelsen Jason Swann
Doris Simmons (Trustee Emeritus 2002)
Rudy Balma
(Trustee Emeritus 2009)
Harry Grashoff (Trustee Emeritus 2009)
Kate Baker
(Trustee Emeritus 2010)
Joe Cresto
(Trustee Emeritus 2010)
Lou Gerard
(Trustee Emeritus 2014)
Chuck Ryan
(Trustee Emeritus 2016)

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