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Mercy Foundation North - Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors for Mercy Foundation North is comprised of community leaders who embody philanthropy and humankindess throughout the north state. These individuals dedicate their time, talent and resources to futhering Mercy Foundation North's mission and values.


Mike Davis - Chair
Dave Civalier, M.D. - Vice Chair
Rob Lowes - CFO/Treasurer
Marie Dotson, Psy.,D., L.P. - Secretary
Todd Smith - President, Mercy Medical Center Redding
Sister Pat Manoli, RSM - Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Representative
Jake Mangas - President, Mercy Foundation North

Zach Bay
Susan Cresto Baker
Joseph Bowers
Marjorie Carneiro
Penny Costa 
David Dennis, OD
Sandy Dole
Miranda Edwards
Patrick Fowler, MD
Richard Goyne, CPA
Rick Hill
Lena Jesrani
Mark Koenig
Dean Moyer
Rodger Page
Sandy Pope
Kristi Steadman
Michelle Tegerstrand
Heather VanHorn
Ken Wood


Kate Baker
John Clark, M.D.
Jim Cross
Lou Gerard
Harry Grashoff
Chuck Ryan
Jessie Shields Cornelson
Doris Simmons