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The Webbs - Julian and Elliot's Story

Abby and Nick's twin sons, Julian and Elliot, were born three months early at 27 weeks gestation in December of 2016.  Here is their NICU story:

"While the staff in labor and delivery kept our twins gestating as long as possible, the NICU was getting prepared for their arrival.  By the time the boys were delivered, there were two incubators waiting for them.  In the delivery room, Elliot's heart stopped twice and a NICU nurse resuscitated him as quickly as possible to get him into the NICU."  

Elliot weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces and Julian was 2 pounds, 5.5 ounces.  They were cared for in the NICU for 69 and 78 days. When they "graduated from the NICU, it was because they had finally mastered the seemingly simple skills of breathing and eating without medical assisatance. A HUGE feat for a preemie! 

"When they were born, their eyes were fused shut and they were the tiniest babies we had ever seen," share Abby and Nick.  The boys' skin was so fragile, Abby and Nick were instructed to gently place their hands on the boys without moving or stroking so as not to tear their skin.  "We were fortunate that the boys' NICU "rollercoaster ride" as we often heard it called, was filled with more ups than downs as they were both extremely healthy, they just needed time to grow.  Their days were filled with sleeping, feeding, and time with mom and dad."    

Abby and Nick saw the exceptional care the Mercy NICU provided their babies AND the families.  "Our time in the NICU was focused on relationships -- our relationship with our children and their care providers. We were encouraged to hold them skin-to-skin, bottle feed them when they were able, and particpate in their daily care.  We helped with their nightly bathing, changing diapers and taking their temperatures.  Not only did our time in the NICU nurture our relationship with our babies, but also with the medical team at Mercy NICU.  We also developed precious friendships with other NICU families. A true community." 

The Webb's experience at Mercy Medical Center Redding's NICU had a profound impact on their lives as parents.  "There are babies born in our community who receive care in the NICU and whose families are not able to spend time with the babies -- whether because of work, distance, taking care of other families or even subtance abuse.  The Mercy NICU is a place where ALL babies are able to get the care they need to heal, grow, and thrive.  When the smallest, neediest among us have a place in our community that nurtures and cares for their well-being, the health of our whole community has the potential to improve." 

Mercy Foundtion North is proud to share Elliot, Julian, Abby and Nick Webbs' NICU journey.  We are happy to say both boys are thriving and healthy.  Our mission is to ensure our community has access to exceptional care from birth through end of life.  If you would like to learn about the needs of the NICU, please click here