A Mission of Mercy 

Da Vinci MachineMercy Foundation North raises support on behalf of the Sisters of Mercy, which include a broad variety of ministries and organizations across the north state area. Each of the fundraising efforts has its own unique purpose and specific goals, yet regardless of its nature, each one serves th eneeds of people from all walks of life, in different circumstances, and with separate needs.

With your support, we are meeting the needs of our community and saving lives every day. Funds raised are used to improve programs, support the latest technology, new equipments and special projects for Mercy Medical Center Redding, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta, and Connected Living. 

We encourage you to follow your heart and support what is meaningful to you. Our Foundation is here and ready to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about each facility listed above, click here.

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