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Beth Birk's Story

Beth Birk has been a Friend of Mercy Foundation North since 2001.  She is highly engaged as a member of the Tehama County Development Council as well as being a charter member of the Catherine McAuley Circle since 2014!  We are grateful to share Beth’s story on why Hospice is so important to her:

Mr. Birk showing two fish“I learned firsthand what Hospice was about when in 2010, I requested Hospice services for my husband. He had terminal esophageal cancer and in just a few weeks he was gone. The kind and caring staff from Hospice provided his sister and me with answers to our questions and support during a difficult time,” shares Beth.  Two weeks after her husband passed away she attended her first Light Up A Life ceremony at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital.  “I have attended every year since as a way to honor my husband’s memory.”

Beth’s relationship with Mercy Foundation North has been more than just Hospice. “More specifically, I began supporting Mercy Foundation North when I became a charter member of the Catherine McAuley Circle at the hospital.  As a member, myself and the other women of the Catherine McAuley Circle decide each year which hospital equipment to fund so we can help the hospital more fully serve the community.   We have had many requests made for so many needs.  One year, in particular, I lobbied for a new ambulance power gurney, which is critical in our rural areas as many access roads and driveways are difficult to navigate in winter months.  These larger gurneys can help to navigate difficult terrain while also easily transporting people of all sizes with less injuries sustained by our emergency crews.”

Beth has seen the needs at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital and through her collaboration with Delcie Strahan, Development Officer of Tehama County she has been a valuable supporter of multiple projects.  “Most recently, I was able to help support the hospital by supporting the purchase of a new ultrasound probe to provide our doctors with more precise imaging of our cardiac patients.  I’m proud that my gift brought a technology and service to the community that’s never been available before.  I’m hopeful that this tool will serve our community well and help elevate our cardiac program so that our friends, family, and neighbors seeking cardiac care can remain close to home.”

Beth is an advocate for St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, and she is proud to share her story and invite you to consider joining her in support! “There are countless ways community members can assist the hospital with meeting the community’s needs.  It may begin with becoming a member of the McAuley Circle, with pledging a gift to support a certain need, or with participating in annual events that support Hospice like Light Up A Life and Festival of Trees.  The Dignity Health North State has assisted me in many ways.  This has been my way to "pay it forward"!”

We thank Beth for her kindness, friendship, and generous spirit.  If you would like to learn more on how YOU can help St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, please call Delcie Strahan at 530.529.8016 or email her at