Carolina Girimonte 

Home for the Holidays is an appropriate theme, considering that the mission of Hospice is to provide at-home comfort and care to patients, and their loved ones, who are dealing with a life-limiting illness or injury.


Carolina Girimonte experienced that comfort and compassion when first her father, Nick, and later her mother, Claudia, passed after brief illnesses. Melissa, a Hospice caregiver, set the tone with Nick, calmly answering questions and putting him at ease. “She just exemplified how wonderful Hospice can be,” Carolina says.


And Melissa returned when Claudia needed help during her final days. Although her vision had diminished, Claudia was delighted to hear Melissa’s voice and fondly recalled the assistance she gave to her late husband. “It was such a joyous thing,” Carolina says.


Carolina was also struck by the dedication shown by a Hospice nurse who came to the family home after her hospital shift to ensure a piece of equipment was working properly. “She cleared up the problem and said ‘even though I’m going home, you call me if there’s any problem.’ She ended up staying for an hour. I was so appreciative. I felt like I wasn’t alone.”


When Claudia passed on her 100th birthday, Mercy Hospice was again in the Girimonte home to help with the final arrangements. “I felt like I was in God’s hands.”


Carolina says she was happy to financially support Mercy Hospice and urges others to donate as well to ensure Hospice can continue providing comfort and care to an average of 1,125 patients a year.

The entire month of November is dedicated to expressing gratitude to the caregivers of Hospice and Home Health.  Please join the Girimontes in sharing Hospice stories and supporting these vital services.


Lynni Miller - Designer

"Warm and Electric Christmas" 

Drawing from classic metal colors of copper and gold, we can feel the energy of the holiday season as we discover surprises in this tasteful and elegant Christmas tree.