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Michelle Ewald Tegerstrand Shares Her Story

Tegerstrands at a Christmas Party"Mercy Foundation North touches my heart on so many levels. Being a businesswoman, wife, mother and community member has shown me how many opportunities we have to help others in need, and just how much we need to give back. Giving to Mercy Foundation North is so important to our family because of the many programs they support and services they offer.

The NICU Program and Connected Living our near and dear to our heart. We have seen first-hand how important these services are, and how much they need our support to continue the great work the hospitals and their staff provide. Watching the tiniest of little hands grow or providing comfort to a loved one in hospice care is literally life changing. Our family has been blessed by this community and we feel one of the best ways to give back is by way of donations to Mercy Foundation North.

Tegerstrand's in a canoeBeing a member of the Catherine McCauley Circle, we directly contribute and see first-hand how far our gifts go. There is no better feeling than knowing you're making a positive impact on someone else's well-being. The North State is our home, not only to our business but to our children and their future, so helping to advance healthcare in the North State is a top priority.

Being able to contribute to healthcare advancements, whether by donating to The Festival of Trees or volunteering my time with the Mercy Foundation North Development Council, brings an enormous amount of joy to me and to my family. There are so many ways to impact a life, from its beginning to its end, and contributing to Mercy Foundation North allows for the betterment of all our lives."